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About Us

Top Beauty Salon in Feltham

At Beauty and Slim Art Lounge, our beauty salon offers medical cosmetic treatments to people with problematic skin conditions that may affect their confidence or their professional standing. We are located in Feltham. Our quick and effective solutions have been developed and refined over time to tackle these issues and get you back to being your most confident self. Consultations are available on a daily basis. To book yours, please call 07446874465.

How It All Started

We know first-hand how problematic skin conditions such as acne and eczema can impact not only your confidence levels but also your enjoyment when it comes to visiting beauty salons and using beauty products. This sparked the idea to develop treatments using scientific research and new skin care solutions. We love nothing more than watching people experience the positive, life-changing results our treatments have had on their appearance.

Our Treatments

We wanted to develop treatments, that would help our customers and provide them with quick results. Through trial and error, we finally succeeded in our endeavour. Our treatments have yielded excellent effects such as curing acne, rejuvenating the skin and more. To combat redness, we use a gel cream, proven to balance your PH levels and leave you glowing. Our friendly, experienced and dedicated staff are always ready to help our customers and are willing to listen to their concerns.


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